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Let Teachers SHINE grant

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Teachers: Apply now for a Let Teachers SHINE grant!

Do you have an idea for a classroom-based project that you’d like to take to the next level? Applications open until, January 16, 2023.

Let Teachers SHINE offers grants up to £25,000 over two years to support you to trial your idea from the classroom. We’re especially interested in projects that link to core subjects, but you might want to trial an approach that connects different areas of the curriculum or supports students pastorally. We’re focused on raising the attainment of socio-disadvantaged children living in the North and we’re looking for ideas that can be shared to have larger impact over time. The grant can be used towards paying for some of your time to work on the project, allowing you think through and refine the idea.

You can find more details about what you can and can’t apply for here: Let Teachers SHINE Application Guidelines - SHINE (shinetrust.org.uk).

The online application form is simple and has been built so that you can save it and return to it. We want you to identify a problem, propose your solution to the problem and explain how your solution will work. We’re looking to fund changes in practice that can be embedded and shared with other schools in the future, rather than enhancements to school buildings or buying equipment, so think carefully about the project and how it meets our criteria.

Make sure it fits! This webinar explains this in more detail what we’re looking for and what timelines we’re working to: Webinar: Applying to Let Teachers SHINE 2022 - SHINE (shinetrust.org.uk).

A Let Teachers SHINE grant is more than ‘just a grant’. We’re here to help you to transform your idea from an idea into a reality, to help you to build it into something that can really make a difference for your students and for students in your region and hopefully across the North of England. We’ve helped lots of teachers to get their projects off the ground so you can be assured you’ll be working with a team who can help you navigate the next steps. SHINE offers plenty of support and training from us and dedicated partners and provides opportunities for you to connect to other teachers throughout the programme. We want to help you to make as big a difference as we can, together.

Please help us by sharing this email with your staff team or anyone else who may be interested in this opportunity.

Any teachers interested in applying can contact SHINE directly on info@shinetrust.org.uk to ask any questions or arrange a call. Please feel free to share amongst your network.

Apply now at letteachersshine.org.uk. Good luck!